The project

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The Breton Dialects Sound Archive is a project for making available on the Internet a wide range of recordings of traditional Breton-speakers made over the past dozen years or so.

The purpose of these online archives, compiled by a team of volonteer collectors all keen on studying the language and traditions of Breton-speaking Brittany, is to share with the broad public the wealth and diversity of this important cultural heritage.

The corpus

The recordings in our archive come from individual collections, and for the most part have not yet been published. The corpus includes recordings made for a variety of purposes, ranging from the study of sounds, grammar and vocabulary to the investigation of traditional farming techniques, folk medicine and popular beliefs.

Each recording has been carefully selected, transcribed, translated and catalogued, and in some cases comes with iconographic materials. Thanks to the dedicated search engine specially developed for this project, linguists, ethnologists, teachers and students, whether already seriously involved or just curious, may easily find in the corpus whatever information is of particular interest to them.

Legal note

This website is governed by a Creative Commons licence. Each contributor is responsible for the documents they have been willing to share online. If a particular extract is of interest to you in your work, you are entitled to use it for non-commercial purposes only. When doing so, please remember to mention as your source the Breton Dialects Sound Archive, together with the reference number of the recording and the date of the most recent update.